Weekend Recap | Okay, jokes over!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Happy Monday!  I am linking up with Katie for my weekend recap!

If you have been following my blog at all this month, you know that my little family has been sick more times than I can count in April.  It just so happened, that April was not done messing me us just yet...oh no!

Friday afternoon, I had to leave work to go to the doc and be put on a steroid, liquid antibiotic, ear drops, and lidocaine mouth wash because I had a nasty virus that was making my throat swell and feel like I was swallowing shards of glass and ear inflammation.  Then, my husband ended up with fever all weekend and a nasty sinus infection.  Oh happy days!   I am crossing fingers, saying prayers, and knocking on wood that Ryan doesn't catch anything.

Is it May yet?

I was on such a high dose of meds that by the end of the weekend, I was feeling pretty good and able to have a little fun!  Ryan didn't care of momma and daddy were sick, because that boy was wound up all weekend and having the time of his life!


Saturday - Saturday, we ran some errands and played outside at the house.  Ryan also decided that it was SUPER FUN to constantly pour all of his milk all over himself, so we gave up by the middle of the afternoon and just let him run around in his diaper.  That suited him jusssst fine.

On the phone with his agent.

Feeding Buddy something he isn't supposed to.

Oh you know, just making himself at home.

Sunday - Russell was feeling much worse on Sunday, so Ryan and I went to church while daddy rested.  When we got home, we all took a family nap.  (Side note- how glorious are weekend naps!  I mean really?!)

Of course the nap happened AFTER Ryan decided to change Buddy from doggie to pony!  Thank goodness Buddy has loads of patience with Ryan.

When I woke from the nap, I knocked out a killer HITT workout on the treadmill and then the rest of the house woke up.  Russell was feeling a bit better so we took Ryan to the park to release some of that toddler energy.  He was having a blast.  A cute little girl ran up to him and asked his name and he waved to her.  She was just darling and kept running by him and every time she did, he would squeal and try to run after her.  Ladies man folks!

You know we couldn't go anywhere without our trusty wagon.

He loves the slide!

My favorite picture of all-time!

Swing fun!

And there you have it.  So while the beginning of the weekend was rough, we certainly did our best to end it right.  

But seriously though, is it May yet?


I am taking bets, anyone want to take bets or guess when we will get sick again?

What was the best thing about your weekend?