Thinking Out Loud | Someone's playing a cruel joke

Thursday, April 9, 2015

First, I want to give a shout out to Amanda @ RunningwithSpoons for the link up.

Its #thinkingoutloud Thursday!

I'm going to start off by saying this... yes, I have been known to be a little bit of a hypochondriac.
This is me.
I have been known to Google my symptoms, and be sure I needed to go to the hospital.  Heck, just recently I had stomach pains, "googled" it, and was convinced I may have Appendicitis.... it was just gas.  Seriously.  

I don't know if it is payback, someone playing a cruel joke, or just my luck but my son has ANOTHER ear infection, my husband has a stomach virus, and I have some nasty bronchial thing that has me sick as a dog, ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

It has been exactly 2 weeks since my son's last ear infection and exactly one week since he got off antibiotics and yet, we are back at it again.  Docs won't consider tubes though until we get through the summer and he gets closer to 2.  

All of this, of course, has gone on this week during my work that I helped plan, the one week out of the year where I am slammed.  

Last night, while my husband was having a conversation with our toilet, I had to quarantine my child away from him, all while I was hacking up crap and achy, while Ryan had fever and discomfort from his infection.  If I were you, I would stay far, far away from us, our house, street, zip code, as I think we are just walking infections.... it's like we are the movie "Contagion."  The only thing missing is Matt Damon.  Oh dreamy Matt Damon...

Sorry, let me snap out of it! 

What I really want to know is sickness always comes at the most inopportune times and why husbands are babies when they are sick?  When a mom is sick, she is still walking around like GI Jane taking care of a house, baby, dog, etc, because stuff still has to get done.  A man gets sick, and it's like death knocking on his door.  Let me bite my tongue :)

Well on that note, I am going to head to the doc to get on SOMETHING to knock this thing out of me, and get back to being GI Jane.  Here's to hoping my home is a little less like "Contagion" and more like "Mary Poppins" by the weekend.  

"A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down..."  I wish.


Does your husband baby it up when he is sick?