Thinking Out Loud | Mommy and Me Date Night

Thursday, April 23, 2015

First, I want to give a shout out to Amanda @ RunningwithSpoons for the link up.

Its #thinkingoutloud Thursday!

Instead of just posting all the random things that may pop through my mind, this Thursday's #thinkingoutloud is about one revelation I had last night.  

Most nights, I get home from work and immediately get back to work.  I immediately start dinner for Ryan and I (Russell too, if he is not traveling).  Then I clean up, pack lunch for the next day, bathe Ryan, read our books and say our prayers, put Ryan to bed, workout, grab a quick post workout snack, tidy up the house, and then head to bed.   Shew, I am tired just thinking about it.  While I am cooking/cleaning/meal prepping for the next day, Ryan is usually close by playing, in his high chair eating a snack, or watching Mickey Mouse.

But last night, while doing my "get-to-work" nightly routine, I realized I wasn't spending as much time with Ryan in the evenings as I wanted.  Sure bath, books, prayers, and snuggles before bed were nice for us, but I was watching him play by himself while I "worked" around the house and it made me sad.  My baby toddler is only little for so long, I need to embrace the time I have.  So, instead of cooking, cleaning, etc., I heated up some leftovers I found so that we both had a quick dinner and then ditched everything else for my "at-home mommy/son date."

I took Ryan up stairs and we played for a long time in his room with all of his toys.  He laughed and squealed, and pulled out every toy to show momma so we could play with it.  I loved every minute.  At one point, he needed a diaper change but he refused to put a new diaper back on once he was clean, so, we went with it.  Nakey butt and I played in his room (while I secretly prayed he wouldn't pee on the floor), and he was having the time of his life.  After playing for quite some time, we picked up on our nightly routine with bath, books, prayer, snuggles, and then bed.  It was a full night of fun and one-on-one time with Ryan that I needed and I know he did too.  It was the perfect "at-home mommy/son date."

We quickly forget as parents, how much time we have left with our little ones before we blink and they are grown.  We get wrapped up in our "get-to-work" nightly routine around the house.  I am guilty of that.  I am Type-A and have my whole night on a schedule.  And, because Russell is gone during the week on travel, I have even more on my plate.  But really, can't I give up just one night of my schedule to fully immerse myself with my little boy?  Can't I give Ryan an "at-home mommy/son date night"?  Of course I can.  

So that is what I am going to do.  One night a week, I am going to stop cooking, cleaning, meal prepping, no workout, etc. to give every ounce of my attention to my growing boy.  He deserves that.


Do you find yourself wrapped up in nightly routines?  How do you deal with that?

Any good mommy/son date tips for the home or outside of the home?