Thinking Out Loud | Mom Fail on My Toddler's Haircut

Thursday, April 30, 2015

First, I want to give a shout out to Amanda @ RunningwithSpoons for the link up.

It's #thinkingoutloud Thursday!

So lets get right to the point on this one...

1.  I totally pulled a #momfail and ruined my toddler's hair.  Ryan had been getting his hair trimmed where I get my hair done.  It's a nice salon and a bit pricey.  So after having to spend $25 on a toddler's haircut, I decided to take him to a cheaper salon for a $15 cut.  Bad idea...  I told the woman I wanted him to have a simple trim.  Here is how we usually love his hair:

Sweet little Ryan before the butcher...

See?  It's a cute little toddler boy cut.  A little comb over and not too short.  I told her EXACTLY how I wanted it.  And did she listen?  Nope.  Here is how my son's hair now looks:

No joke, my child looks like Lloyd from "Dumb and Dumber."  I haven't even taken a picture yet because I couldn't bring myself to do it.  But just take Lloyd's haircut and put it on my poor baby's head.  

Needless to say, I will NOT be going back to her and I will go back to paying $25 for my child's cut in the future.

I should have known better...Note to self:  Cheaper is Not Always Better....

2.  I am on a popcorn kick.  After discovering Gary Poppins popcorn, I have been craving popcorn like no other.  I guess it's better than some other cravings I could have....

These two beauties have been my trusty companions this week.

3. I need to stop worrying!  The last week has been a bit stressful at work, home, etc.  And, knowing I am just three weeks from a much needed vacation, I feel myself already mentally checking out.  Do you do that?  Find yourself going "vacation mode" when you still have three weeks left of work before you actually leave?  

I stumbled across this image earlier this week, and it really applies to my constant stress and worrying this week.  

So between reminding myself of this saying and singing the song "Let it Go" from the movie "Frozen."  I am going completely zen the rest of the week.

4.  Family is in town!  Holla!  My mother-in-law is on a plane right now and is landing soon to spend a nice long weekend with us.  She hasn't seen Ryan since his 1st birthday/Christmas, so I am super excited to have company and for her to see how much Ryan has grown leaps and bounds.