My April Stitch Fix Review

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's that time of the month!  Stitch Fix has become the ONLY way I shop for myself now.  Since I rarely get any "me" time with Russell traveling and then studying on the weekends, I don't get to just go shopping for clothes anymore.  Lets be honest, my toddler has the attention span of a gnat and will have a freak out if I spend more than a minute in a dressing room.  So, I just don't get to do it anymore.  Not that I am complaining though, because I have fully embraced Stitch Fix and it has given me the opportunity to refresh my wardrobe without leaving the house.

Last month, I told my stylist that for this month's fix, I wanted a good mixture or work and weekend wear.  I really feel like she came pretty darn close!

(I accidentally lost my style card, so I can't post the brand of the tops/bottoms... sorry!)

1.  This striped quarter sleeve SUPER COMFY top and the jeans.  I loved both and the jeans felt like pj bottoms but the price of the jeans was a bit high for my liking so I decided to KEEP the top and ditch the bottoms.  The top is perfect for me on the weekends to lounge in or dress with skinny jeans and wedges.
Top and Jeans
2.  This sleeveless blouse.  I loved the color and it had tiny hearts on it.  It would have been great to wear with a blazer to work but where the sleeves ended, it was pretty tight around my shoulders.  I decided NOT to keep.

3.  Gorgeous blue blouse. I LOVED the sleeves, to give it more of a classy look.  The cut and fit was perfect and such a great spring color.  Great to dress up for work or down for weekend.  I KEPT!  It was my favorite thing the my fix.

Annnd, I just noticed I have a crooked picture behind me...ooops
4.  Aztec print maxi dress.  This one I had a hard time with.  The dress felt amazing but I would have liked a different color.  It was a grayish blue and I already had a maxi that was a similar color.  I decided to not keep because of that.

Overall, I think the stylist was reallllly close to getting everything right.  And I LOVE the two tops I did keep.  In fact, I am wearing one today!


I am pairing the blue blouse with a black pencil skirt and some awesome earrings that have the same blue in them.  (Wish I would have gotten a close-up on those!)  It looks great for my work wear.

Annnd, there you have it.  My monthly fix.  I can't wait for next month's.  I asked for more "beach wear" since I get my fix just a few days before my beach vacation!

If you have never heard of Stitch Fix and want to know more, click on my link below and schedule your fix!

**Disclaimer: Just a heads up: The Stitch Fix link above is a referral link, so I earn Stitch Fix credit for anyone who signs up, but this post was not sponsored in anyway. (This blog is obviously not a fashion blog, so I doubt it’s even on Stitch Fix’s radar...I am FAR from being a fashion expert; that's why I NEED Stitch Fix.) If you sign up for Stitch Fix, you can use your referral link the same way and tell your family and friends about it, so you can earn credit too.


Have you tried Stitch Fix?

Like it, love it, or indifferent?

Would you have kept any of the items that I recieved?