Half-way through DailyBurn's Blackfire

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Its been a few weeks since I gave my introductory post on my initial thoughts on DailyBurn and the Black Fire program that I started through DB.  Now that I am officially 1/2 done, lets chat about my thoughts now:

1.  Do I still like the program?  Yes I do!  Every single workout is different and that has really helped me get out of my plateau that I was on.  It has been nice to feel sore after a workout.  (I am the weirdo that actually likes feeling sore, makes me feel like I really did something).

2.  Do I like every workout I do?  Nope.  DailyBurn's Black Fire program is intense and it pushes you to get out of your comfort zone.  The style is a lot of HIIT training and reminds me of Crossfit (just without the weights). But, there are several workouts that are gymnastics inspired and they really throw me for a loop.  Give me burpees, thrusters, and box jumps any day of the week and I will knock them out (huffing and puffing along the way), but the handstand kick-ups and push ups to bridges get me. I found myself getting mad this week during one of the gymnastics workouts.   I felt silly and uncomfortable...it took everything I had to finish it.  But, I finished and was drenched in sweat.

If you read this article here: http://dailyburn.com/life/fitness/dailyburn-black-fire-bob-harper-fitness-program/, it really explains that all of those feels that I feel (the discomfort, etc.) is totally normal and the workouts were designed to be challenging.

3.  Have I lost weight? No.  But I wasn't looking to lose weight either.  I am at the pre-pregnancy weight I wanted to be at, but I didn't have much muscle and I wanted to really tone up what I had.  While I haven't lost weight, I have leaned out and gained muscle.  I am starting to see abs again.  I am pleased with that.  You can lose weight on this program though, there are examples of weight loss stories on their website.

4.  What's next when the 60-day Black Fire program is over?  The great thing about DailyBurn, is there are TONS of programs to choose from based on your fitness level and your goals.  I have been eyeing one or two other programs that I want to switch to afterwards.  I would like to find one where I work out 4 days a week or so, that way on the other days I can pick up my running again.  Black Fire is a 5 day per week workout schedule so I really only get to run if I still have energy after one of the scheduled workouts.

5.  What's your favorite thing about DailyBurn and Black Fire?  I love that I can stream DailyBurn anywhere and that it's so much cheaper than a gym membership. I can do whatever workout I want any time of the day.  What I love most about Black Fire, is that no workout exceeds 30 minutes.  It's quick and effective and then I am done to relax.

I will definitely let ya'll know my results once I have completed the 60-day Black Fire program in a few weeks.  


Have you tried DailyBurn?

What fitness program are you on?