World's Worst Blogger Award Goes To...... ME!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hi there!  Remember me?  Probably not.  If there was an award for the world's worst blogger, I would hands-down win.  It has been almost an exact year since my last post and I have no excuse.  When I started this blog, my goal was to share my experiences of my recent move, pregnancy, and life with family and friends.  I wanted to make this a priority, so that our family and friends could feel like they were up-to-date on and in the loop on life with the Schwartz family. 

Now, almost a year later, I realized I missed blogging and sharing our life with the here we go...again.

What have you missed???  Oh just about the whole 1st year of Ryan's life.  It is amazing to realize how fast time flies and how fast your child grows up.  I looked at the picture I posted on my last entry of Ryan with the Easter bunny and miss my little baby.  Ryan is a 14-mo old and is no longer a baby.  Well, he will ALWAYS be my baby, but in reality, I have a rambunctious and adorable toddler on my hands. 

Just this past weekend, Ryan became a full fledged WALKER.  I swore up and down my child would never walk.  Ryan just showed no interest.  He could speed crawl his way anywhere he wanted and cruise along all of our furniture and he was content with that.  But as a parent, I couldn't help but compare my child to his daycare classmates and ask myself why my child was not walking yet when everyone else his age was.  The answer I discovered.... because Ryan decided when Ryan was ready.

The biggest learning experience I have gained from this first year is to STOP comparing my child to everyone else's and realize that all babies go through their "stages" (sit up, eating, crawling, cruising, and walking) on their own time, when they are ready.  Not when you are ready.  Ryan is a very determined and stubborn little man and he has proven to me that he will do it when he is dog-on good and ready :)  I love that about him.  Seeing his personality develop is so fun but I have realized that the terrible two's and terrific three's are going to be quite a challenge for my independent/stubborn/destructive/in-to-everything boy. 

Now that I am reviving this blog, I want to continue to (and do a better job of) sharing our family's experiences with you.  From Ryan posts, marriage posts, balancing exercise as a mom, and so on, I hereby promise to do frequent updates.  And if you have any questions, or want me to address a certain topic, just let me know. 

As I end this post, enjoy some of Ryan's 1st birthday photos.  Someone certainly is growing up to look JUST like his daddy.