Weekend Recap | Easter Bunny - Round 2

Monday, March 30, 2015

Oh Happy Monday!

Our weekend went perfectly!  Saturday, Ryan and I did some shopping at the Spring Market that was being held at the Agricenter here in Memphis.  There were TONS of vendors and I picked up a book for Ryan and some natural/homemade treats for Buddy for Easter.  (Yep!  Buddy gets treats from the Easter Bunny too!)

After that we took a quick trip to the grocery store where Ryan picked out a snack for himself (Mandarin Oranges).

And then immediately, after I snapped these photos (above), he threw the orange cup across the aisle and it busted everywhere.  I love my child's enthusiasm for sports/throwing, but we have GOT to work on learning when, where, and WHAT is appropriate to throw.  

Sunday, we went to church and had a great Palm Sunday service and Ryan looked so adorable in his church gear, I had to take a pic.

Sunday afternoon, Ryan and I were taking a stroll with his wagon when it hit me... WE HAD TOTALLY FORGOTTEN TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH THE EASTER BUNNY THIS YEAR.  It was total mom panic.  We hurried home and I yelled for Russell who was upstairs studying.  He came down and I told him to pack up and head to the mall with us, our son needed a pic with the bunny rabbit.  

We were laughing in the car ride there about Ryan's experience last year with the bunny.  If you didn't get to read about his blowout, read here.  The whole experience last year was hilarious and stressful and we just knew this year would be easier.  Sure, we expected our son would probably cry since he was a year older, but glad we didn't have to deal with everything else that went into last year.  Well Ryan must have read our thoughts and totally comprehended our conversation, because as soon as we pulled up, he decided to vomit all over himself.  And the stench was awful.  I tried to clean him up with wipes and pray that it dry in time for the photos.  While waiting in line and holding him, we laughed at what seemed like a round 2 visit.  The vomit smelled so bad, I just knew everyone around us could smell him.  Ryan didn't seem to mind though, he was still in good spirits.  He locked eyes with the bunny several times but didn't cry, to our astonishment.  When it was time, I plopped Ryan down, smelly and all, and hurried away quickly.  The Easter Bunny probably thinks we never bathe our child, poor guy.  Ryan didn't cry, and took it like a champ.  We got an excellent picture out of it and then quickly collected our kid and made a b-line for the bath tub as soon as we got home.  

We have decided that we are guaranteed a disastrous reunion with the bunny man every year.... until we meet again Mr. Bunny!


Did you have a great weekend?

How did your child/children react to the Easter Bunny?