Weekend Recap and My Stitch Fix Review

Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy Monday!

Our weekend in the Schwartz household was perfect!  Friday night, I was exhausted and actually went to bed around 8:30 so Saturday I woke up early with the baby but totally refreshed.  On Saturday, we went to the local toy store (The Village Toymaker) and let Ryan indulge in some fun and then Sunday we went to church and relaxed since it rained all day.

On another note, I am pretty sure the toy store could not wait for us to leave and probably really don't want us to come back.  Now that Ryan is walking and building his confidence, he demanded to walk all over the store by himself.  He especially wanted to when he found a Melissa and Doug (#MelissaandDougtoys) shopping cart.  Once he set his sights on that beauty, it was game over.  He walked all over that store and even stopped by the book section and started loading his cart full of books.  Then, he managed to run the cart into every glass cabinet with a bang.  I was pretty sure we were not only going to be buying a few toys but also the glass cabinets I was sure he was going to break.  We didn't walk away buying the Melissa and Doug shopping cart but I wish we had.  Maybe a visit back next weekend to buy it??  Or is it too soon?  They probably have our pictures posted with a sign saying "do not let them in."

I loved seeing Ryan so excited though, and realized he totally got my love for shopping.  Maybe a future professional shopper?  Or if they ever bring back that show "Supermarket Sweep," maybe he will be a future contestant.

All screams and giggles

In the zone

Now on to my review of Stitch Fix. (#Stitchfix) I have been shopping through stitch fix for almost a year now.  I stumbled upon it through word of mouth and I am so glad I did.

If you don't know what Stitch Fix is, it is a website that allows you to shop out of the comfort of your own home.  You sign up on their website and fill out a personal style quiz.  From there, you will have a personal stylist pick out five personalized pieces to send to you.  Once you receive your clothes, you have three days to try them on, and ship back the rest.  You only pay for what you keep and the cost of shipping the items you don't want back is free.

You can schedule to have your "fix" sent to you monthly or at your convenience.  There is a $20 styling fee, BUT, if you decide to keep anything, that $20 is then applied towards your order.   They also give you style index cards with pictures/ideas on how to style the clothes that they sent you.  Thank goodness, because I need all the help I can get.

Also, they JUST added clothing for maternity and petites.  You best believe I will be using that for my next baby.  So without further ado, here was this month's fix for myself.

My index card style recommendations

All my goodies to try on.

Shirt #1: Laila Jayde - Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top in Gray.  Super Comfy!
Kut from the Kloth- Parcey Polka Dot Skinny Jean.  The jeans fit like a glove!

Papermoon - Cresson Knit Top.  This top was so cute and flattering and very comfortable.

Pixley - Ivy Petal Print Blouse.  Fell. In. Love. With. This. Shirt.

Look by M - Ines Abstract Print Wrap Scarf.

I decided to only keep the Ivy Petal Print Blouse with this fix.  All of the other items I returned. I loved the fit of the jeans but I am not too adventurous with printed jeans so I talked myself out of the polka dots.  I am also not a big scarf wearer in the spring/summer months.  I loved the colors and it was very thin, but I opted out.  In regards to the Cresson Knit top and the Dolman Sleeve top, both were super comfy but I have a lot of gray and blue colored shirts so I decided to send them back.  If they were a different color, I probably would have kept them.  I kept the Ivy Petal blouse because I loved the bright flowers and the fit was super cute!  Would be great to dress up for work or wear on the weekends with jeans.

That is what's so great about Stitch Fix.  I never leave my house and have to bribe my toddler with toys or treats to behave while momma shops/tries on.  Its the greatest idea ever!  Not only that, but when you checkout and purchase the items you want to keep online, you let them know your thoughts, likes, dislikes, and what you would like differently in your next fix and they really pull through.  I asked them for some beach wear in my next fix since I am heading to the OBX on our family vacation at the end of May so i can't wait to see what they come up with.  I have my fix scheduled monthly, but you have control over how frequently you want them scheduled. 

**Disclaimer: Just a heads up: The Stitch Fix link above is a referral link, so I earn Stitch Fix credit for anyone who signs up, but this post was not sponsored in anyway. (This blog is obviously not a fashion blog, so I doubt it’s even on Stitch Fix’s radar...I am FAR from being a fashion expert; that's why I NEED Stitch Fix.) If you sign up for Stitch Fix, you can use your referral link the same way and tell your family and friends about it, so you can earn credit too.