Thinking Out Loud

Thursday, March 19, 2015

First, I want to give a shout out to Amanda @ RunningwithSpoons for the link up.

1. Your child only gets sick when you have a hard time taking off work.  Seriously, I swear that is the only time it happens.  Ryan woke up this morn with a 101.3 fever and after Russell took him to the doctor this morning, he has an ear infection.  But, Russ has to head out of town this afternoon, so I get to spend my afternoon at home cuddling my baby.  Not that I mind that, but it always happens when a lot of other people are out in my department.  You feel guilty leaving work, but you feel even more guilt by not being home with your baby.  #workingmomprobs

2. Even when he is upset, he is seriously the cutest. (Disclaimer: This was taken last night when I did not know he was sick and just thought he was mad at me for not holding him while cooking.  But he has the cutest little face.)

3.  I am finishing up reading the book American Sniper by Chris Kyle.  Saw the movie and loved it, but the book is even better.  I have mad props for our military and respect their sacrifices they make on a daily basis.  On another note though, now I need to read another book... do you have a good book to recommend??  Let me know!

4.  I have recently had a hankering for a breakfast burrito.  It hit me while I was at work the other day.  I am talking about a mouth watering just thinking about it hankering.  Ever get those?  It was almost like a severe craving you get when you're pregnant.... and no, I am not :)  So this weekend, I am heading to the store to grab my ingredients.  I'm thinking, whole wheat tortilla, scrambled egg, a little turkey bacon, salsa, onion, spinach, cheese, and a few jalapenos.  Yum!

I know the post was short and sweet today, but I have a sick bambino to take care of.  See you later!



Got a good book you think I should read?

What have your food cravings been lately?