Doggies, Diapers, and Grooming Fail

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Did you wear your green today? Ryan made sure he did!  I tried to take a good picture of him in his cute little "Good Luck Charm" outfit this morning but he has definitely morphed into the "I don't want to sit still for a picture" toddler.  But man, look at the difference in a year!


On a different note, I thought I would share a funny little story with you today to make you laugh.  There is not a dull moment in our home.

Our dog Buddy has been by our sides since May 2009.  Russell and I got him when we moved in together several months after college and he was a year old.  We say it every day, that he is our first born.   He isn't our pet, he is our son and up until 12/23/13, he was our spoiled only child.  When Ryan was born, I was worried how about how Buddy would react but he instantly became protective.  He would get a little jealous at first but he would still come and alert us when Ryan was crying and now Ryan adores Buddy and actually calls him "Bubba." (Instant heart melt.)

But I must warn you, Buddy is more like a human than dog when it comes to personality.   He has a temper tantrum and likes to show it every now and then, and he will cut his eyes at you.  No joke.  This dog will seriously roll his eyes and flat out ignore you and give you the side glance when he is ticked.  Which is why I am writing this post... to showcase temper tantrum Buddy and our accidental grooming fail.  

Buddy is mix, being half lab-half golden retriever.  He has a beautiful golden/reddish coat that everyone always comments on when we take him on walks.  Whenever we have ever taken him to the groomer, he never gets shaved, and only gets a bath, brush, nail clip, ear clean, etc.  Plus, I had always heard you should never shave a lab.  Since our move to Memphis, we have taken him to the same groomer for the last 2 1/2 years and have given the same grooming instructions every time.  

This past week, we dropped Buddy off to get groomed, with the same instructions, and when Ryan and I went to pick him up, Buddy came out COMPLETELY SHAVED.  I was shocked and at a loss for words.  His head looked gargantuan compared to the rest of him because they couldn't shave his head (think lion's mane).  Poor Ryan didn't even recognize his Bubba.  Obviously, the groomer apologized profusely and credited us (its not like she could glue his hair back) but it definitely made us think about switching groomers.

I felt so horrible for Buddy and tried to give him extra attention and cuddles all night but you could visibly see that he was upset and sad.  He was also so cold, poor thing, I felt like a total parent fail.  But, Buddy's sadness turned to toddler temper tantrum and by that next morning he was ticked.  I don't blame him, he didn't know it was an accident.  

Well that morning, I had emptied Ryan's diaper genie and tied the bag and put it at the door for me to take outside to the trashcan when I left for work but totally left in a hurry and forgot.  When I walked in the door with Ryan after work, there were EMPTY diaper carcasses all over the area.  It was like a war scene with diaper parts thrown everywhere but the worst of all was that the poo was gone!  Buddy, in a fit of rage ate the poo and threw the diaper pieces everywhere.  Now granted, at least I didn't have smeared poo to clean but come on man!  I honestly was baffled and immediately grossed out.  I got the silent treatment and rolled eyes from Buddy the rest of the night but I definitely kept a little distance from Mr. Poo Breath myself.  

While I have since gotten over the fact that my dog enjoyed eating my son's diapers, I have since decided Buddy's incident should be a part of those "dog shaming" photos you find on Pinterest.   You know, these:

So I have created my own: 

See his shaved body?!  Oh the joys of being a pet owner and a parent.  You definitely learn to stomach more than you ever thought you could.


Do you have any horror pet grooming stories or your own dog shaming story?