DailyBurn - Thoughts so far.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

In a post of mine a few weeks ago (read here), I went into pretty good detail on getting my body back after baby.  The last few months of it, when I had reached my desired pre-baby weight, the number was where I wanted it but I was not as strong as before.  So to fix that, I decided to make it a goal of mine to build my strength back up.

I have always been one who did better in a competitive or goal-oriented environment when it came to working out.  I pushed myself harder and would not talk myself out of workout out even if I was tired.  But, when I became pregnant, I decided to fore go my gym membership and just workout at home since it would be hard to fit that in during the week.  Even though the local gyms have daycare around here, Ryan's schedule would not let me workout until after he sleeps, so daycare wasn't an option and Russell is out of town during the week... See the dilemma?

For the past year since Ryan was born, I was running on the treadmill and doing Pure Barre workout videos.  While that really helped me bounce back within a year, I felt like I hit a plateau and wanted to push myself again.  After reading about Beachbody programs and DailyBurn, I decided to go the DailyBurn route.  Heard about it?  No?  Then let me tell you.

With DailyBurn, you can:

1. Workout with any DailyBurn trainer, whenever you want
2.  Cost is $12.95/mo
3.  All you need is an Internet connection to stream it from your laptop, smart TV, phone, PlayStation, and more.
4. TONS of workouts to choose from based on your fitness level AND how much time you have.
5.  Nutrition recommendations at your fingertips

I joined three weeks ago, and after I answered a few fitness level questions, they recommended workouts and programs for me to do.  I decided to do Bob Harper's Black Fire program.  It is a 60-day program for the more advanced workout, and it has given me the drive/competitive edge back that I was missing in my workouts. All of Black Fire's workouts are less than 30 minutes and I am telling you, I am DRENCHED when I am done.  Black Fire has a ton of tabata workouts and HIIT training, so if you are used to this, I think you will feel right at home.  I love it because it pushes me to my limits of exhaustion. But I walk away after 30 minutes, with a workout completed and know that I worked hard for that sweat :)

What I feel right after my workout:

Me, right after a DailyBurn workout

What I feel during my workout:
What goes through my mind.  But don't get me wrong, I secretly LOVE it.

But the Black Fire program might not be for you, and that is a-okay because there are SO MANY more for you to choose from!  They even have prenatal yoga (why didn't I discover this a year ago?).

Most workouts require minimal equipment and I do it in our "multi-purpose" room above our garage.  Now I normally don't take "selfies" of myself (especially ones in minimal workout gear) but this pic below was taken right after a workout during week 1.  I was hot/sweaty but wanted to take a photo to show some before so that I can have one to compare after 60 days of the Black Fire program through DailyBurn.

See!  Ya don't need much!
Week 1.  Can't wait to see results after the 60-days.

So what am I going to do after my 1st DailyBurn program Black Fire is over?  Why, I am going to choose ANOTHER one to try!  I don't think I will be hitting a plateau again soon.  I will also give a thorough review after I complete the 60-day Black Fire program to showcase my success thus far.

I really recommend giving DailyBurn a try, and it is much cheaper than a gym membership.  Especially, since the most you will need in some workouts is a pair of dumbbells that you can pick up at Walmart.

**Oh and FYI, this post was not sponsored by DailyBurn.  Just my opinions, and I am not a health and fitness expert.

I would love to hear if you decide to give it a try. The first 30 days are FREE.  Let me know!



Do you have a workout you recommend?