15-mo Check Up & Temper Tantrums

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Yesterday, Ryan turned 15 months old and had his check up with the doc.  I swear, someone has hit the fast-forward button on my life.  It seems like yesterday he was a 6lb 15oz baby and now he is a little man.

Weight & Height

Ryan is weighing in at 24lb 12oz and 32in long!  He is in the 80th percentile for both.  It is hilarious watching me hold Ryan, the kid is like half my size.  I am 5'2 but Russell is 6'3, so it is obvious where he is getting that length from!  I guess that means he and I will be the same size when he is 5, haha!


Ryan has always been an excellent eater and has loved his veggies and fruits.  He actually has preferred them over meats.  Now that he is a toddler however, we are starting to see him get a little picky.  He still eats his fruits and veggies, but what he likes one day, is not what he likes the next. The only constant is cheese...boy, does this boy love cheese.  Oh, and avocado.  He easily eats a 1/2 an avocado a day.  Ryan also loves to feed our dog Buddy and throw food.  The wall near his highchair looks disgusting and we will definitely be painting that wall again when we finally break him of throwing food.  He thinks it is funny watching momma scrub the wall.  

Moms out there... any ideas on how to break your toddler of this habit!?


Ryan takes a 2 hr. nap every day from 12-2 and usually goes down for bed between 7 - 7:30 and sleeps until 7ish.  He did have a regression a couple weeks ago where he was up fussing a couple times a night for about a week.  He also was cutting teeth and really had a growth spurt during that time.  Overall, he is really good with sleep and goes down fairly easily for nap and bedtime.  Every night right before sleep we have bath time, teeth brushing, cuddles in the rocking chair, and reading a book and saying prayers.  It's our nightly routine that doesn't change.  I really think that helps because it is what he has come to expect.  Ryan is definitely the toddler that has always worked best with a schedule.


Ryan is definitely in a awkward stage with his clothing.  He is tall enough for 24-mo clothes but, they are very loose in the waist.  He is just a long and lean guy that he will always have that struggle.  Is 18-mo shirts have his belly poking out at the bottom and the pants fit in the waist but are high-waters on him.  And then, when I do put him in 24-mo's they are great in the length but then are falling off in the waist.  


Boy is Ryan a social butterfly! And, the BIGGEST flirt.  He has a girlfriend at daycare already and they do everything together.  I also picked him up from class the other day and they told me he was giving everyone he saw kisses.  (Am I in trouble or what when he is a teenager.)  He dances every time he hears music and claps his hands if you start singing songs he likes.  He calls our dog Buddy his "Bubba," and he says ball and loves to throw the ball to you.  Others he says are "Thank you,"  sometimes "Love you," and he waves and says "Bye Bye."  Oh and everything is "Uh Oh!"

On another social note, Ryan has discovered his temper and boy does he throw one.  I swear he has already entered the "terrible two's."  He pouts when you say the word "no," and throws things when he is mad.  Oh he also throws himself out on the floor when he is mad.  That part is no bueno. This morning he was in a bad mood so I gave him the remote to his fan to play with/distract him while I changed him.  He got so mad at me, that he chucked it at my head.  Hello kid??  You are 15-mo and you already have a cannon of an arm on you?  

Mad face.  Got caught messing with dads stuff.

New since his 1-yr check up

In the last three months since he turned 1, he has grown leaps and bounds!  He started walking, talking more, learning to feed himself with a spoon and fork, throwing temper tantrums, dancing, FINALLY waving hi and bye bye, FINALLY clapping his hands, and giving kisses all the time.  He also loves books.  I have always tried to read to Ryan at night but he never cared for it and would take the book from me mid-sentence and launch them across the room.  I still kept going though, and read even if he wasn't listening.  Finally, within the last month, he has been bringing books to me to read and loves holding his books in the car.  Persistence pays off!  

I have said it time and time again, and I will say it again, I love being a mommy to this amazing little boy!  It is both the most rewarding job and the saddest.  Sad because they grow so fast, rewarding because you are watching your child grown into a beautiful person.  One who loves unconditionally and looks up at you as their super hero.


Any ideas on quick but healthy toddler meals?

Any idea on how to break the throwing food habit?