Whats that big white looking creature?? That's the Easter Bunny yousay??

Monday, April 14, 2014

Growing up, every child's parents drag them to go take a picture with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.  Little children are terrorized early on by these goofy creatures in weird costumes.  The child stands in line and watches every child, before them, sit on the "creature's" lap whilea picture is taken showing a forced a smile on their face or the look of sheer terror.

Now its Ryan's turn...duh!  As a parent, you want to capture these moments, meltdowns, and all.  So, on Sunday, Ryan got his first dose of holiday pictures...this time with the Easter Bunny.  You see, he was only 2 days old on Christmas, so there was no Santa Claus picture.

And hence, this post is dedicated to Ryan's experience...

We woke up Sunday morning and it was D-day.  I had already gathered up Ryan's cute little outfit and had my morning cup of joe.  I watched Ryan in his morning routine (bottle, diaper change, play, nap) in hopes to gauge what kind of mood he would be in.  You have to mentally prepare yourself for these moments, for the sheer chance your child has a meltdown in front of the entire line of kids and their parents. 

Ryan was extra fussy that morning because he has a bad case of the sniffles and drainage thanks to mother nature and the pollen.  He had bad drainage and was getting choked on it and coughing, then when I had to use the nasal bulb on him, home-slice went berserk...with that in mind, I was definitely preparing for the worst. 

When we left the house, Russell needed to stop by Wal-mart and it was right around the time Ryan needed to be feed, then the next stop would be the Easter bunny.  I stayed in the car to feed Ryan.  While feeding, Ryan had a bad case of the drainage and was coughing.  I would stop so he could gather himself and then Ryan would freak out because he was hungry.  He failed to understand I was stopping so that he could catch his breath and get his act together.  So then, I was start feeding him again and he would get to draining and coughing, stop feeding, Ryan freak out, and....so on and so forth.  This went on FOREVER.  By the time Russell got back in the car, Ryan was still not done so we waited.  Mid-way through all of this, Ryan decided he needed to have a blow-out.  So, there we were, me trying to feed my son, my son having a fit because he was hungry but needed frequent breaks due to drainage, and then, him freaking out over the fact that there was a HUGE load in his diaper and it was steamy and smelly.

Finally the feeding was done and it was time to change Ryan's diaper.  Well friends, when I mentioned blowout early...that was just nothing.  It was more like an atomic bomb went off.  It was leaking out of Ryan's diaper and up his back.  (TMI yes I know, but get over it...this helps make the story).  So, this bomb also partially got on Ryan's cute little Easter outfit. 

With Russell gaging, he was ready to throw in the towel.  I heard the "that's it! we'll try next weekend" but I was determined to go along with plan.  I was adamant we were going to get this done (I was a bit ready to pull my hair out due to the festivities that went down in the car and wanted it all over with).  So what did this genius mom do??  I baby-wiped his shirt as clean as I could get it.  Was it spotless? Absolutely not, but, I was able to hide it tucked into his shorts.  Russell thought I was disgusting, making Ryan wear that, but hey...I cleaned it up and it was just a stain which I would remove later that night. 

So we make our way to the Easter bunny, poop stain, and all.  Ryan fell asleep on the way but when we got there, he was abruptly woken by a screaming hysterically 1-year old sitting on the bunny's lap.  I thought "oh here we go..." as I was for sure Ryan would start crying seeing the bunny holding this little girl screaming.  And then it happened, he locked eyes with the big white furry creature and didn't remove his gaze. Russell and I were waiting on pins and needles but Ryan did nothing.  Not a peep, not a sound. 

As we were next in line, it happened....ANOTHER blowout.  I felt the rumble as I was holding Ryan and then the stench followed.  Nothing I could do though, it was his turn, and we needed this over with before he started crying.  I ran up to the bunny, dropped Ryan on his lap, stench and steamy load and all, and backed away. 

I knew that the bunny had to smell what present we presented him with, but he would just have to deal with it and silently curse us.  Ryan fortunately played along and just stared ahead...but hey, he didn't cry!

Once the nightmare was all said and done with, I changed Ryan's ridiculously full blowout, got him into a spare set of clothes and we made our way around Costco where he was the happiest baby on Earth looking at everything around him.

We did manage to get this cute picture.  Ryan's probably thinking "why am I having to sit in the lap of this big white creature with a steamy mcsteamerson in my diap diap??...Thanks a lot mom and dad."

I just can't wait to tell Ryan all about this when he is older!