Survey Says: 36 weeks preggers

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ahhh!  I can't believe I will be 37 weeks tomorrow (Friday) and have only 3 weeks left.  Am I nervous? Nope.  Am I excited??  Ummm, yeah! Duh!

Baby Ryan's car seat is installed and his diaper bag and my bag are packed and ready to go.  Russell has finished traveling until after he is born so our little family is ready when Ryan is :) 

I went to the doc on Tuesday (at 36 1/2 weeks) and I am 50% effaced, 1cm dilated, and she can feel his head.  Since the check, I have really been feeling more irregular contractions and had a little bit of a "bloody show" (sorry if that is TMI) and my swelling is like Whoa!

The doc says that because I am so short and he is so low, he is pushing and putting a lot of pressure on my lower extremities and it caused me to gain almost 6lbs of fluid in 1 week.  So THIS MOMMA now has to prop my feet up at work and home.  Ryan will NOT hurt my feelings at all if he wants to come before his due date becuase this momma is uncomfortable.  The only thing that feels good is wearing Russell's shirts and sweats and my house slippers.  I have no ankles and am proudly representing the cankle society at this point.

There are bets at work that I will have this baby in the next 2 weeks which would only put him 1 week before his due date and make him a possible New Year we shall see. 

This weekened Russell and I will be RELAXING since it hurts to walk anymore so I really don't want to have to do any more errands than need be.  I will have to clean the house a little as my in-laws will be coming in for XMAS and be here all next week so I do need to have my house a little ready for guests. 

With that said, I go back to the doc on Monday for another check and I am anxious to see if there is anymore progression :)

Have a great weekend everybody!  And let the countdown begin!

XOXO, Sherri

Survey says...
Written Thursday, December 19

How far along?: 36 weeks and 6 days

Total weight gain/loss: I have officially decided to stop weighing myself.  I went to the doc on Tuesday and the baby is so low and with be being so short, he is pressing down on me and causing me to retain a lot of fluid at this point.  I gained 6lbs of fluid in 1 week and now I am having to wear compression stockings to help with my ankles and feet.  I look like a puffer fish.  I am having to keep my legs propped up when I sleep and when I am at work to ease the swelling.  It is really starting to hurt when I walk.  Fingers crossed this baby comes soon…

Maternity clothes?: I am so swollen that even my work maternity clothes feel constricting.  Ugh.

Sleep: Russell has officially stopped traveling until after the baby is born.  That in itself has really released a LOT of anxiety I had going on.  Having help around the house and knowing he will be here has helped me sleep just a little more.

Best moment of the week:  Finding out I am 50% effaced and 1 cm dilated at 36 weeks.  He is also head down and low, the doc could feel his little head.  I also had a little bit of a “bloody show” (sorry for the TMI) so I am glad to know I am progressing right along.  Doc didn’t think, since I am already dilated, that I would be “late.”  But who knows…

Movement: Not as much.  It seems he is settling a bit and gearing up.

Food Cravings: Still MILK.  I woke up 1 morning this week and drank 6 glasses of milk like it was nothing.  I am a little obsessed.  But hey at least I am getting my calcium and vitamin D in. 

Gender:  Boy!

Belly Button: Extremely flat and a tiny little protrude.

Stretchmarks?:  No new ones.  Just a small few on the milk maids.

What I miss:  Hard workouts, cute normal clothes, and wine.

What I am looking forward to: Meeting Ryan!  I am ready.

Weekly Wisdom: Ryan is the size of a honeydew melon!  His circulation and immune system is basically good to go now and his skin is smoothing out ready to make his grand debut.  Eeeek!

Milestones: My progression!  Read the above “best moment of the week.”

Workouts: Not pushing myself anymore, especially since it hurts to walk.  I am going to still try and walk a little to see if that makes my swelling feel better but I am so exhausted now that I don’t know if that will really happen.  I am going to stop posting my workouts now since they are hit and miss due to swelling and the discomfort.