Survey says: 31 weeks preggers

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Another one bites the dust!  (Que music!)  With week 31 behind us, we have 8 weeks left.  I can't tell you how ready/excited I am.  Am I nervous about delivery??  NO.  Am I apprehensive on how my life will change with a newborn??  NO.  So what am I feeling??  PURE EXCITEMENT! 

I seriously am like a kid at Disney World right now as his arrival quickly approaches.  I can't wait to see how Russell handles the delivery and him hold our beautiful baby boy.    I know he is going to be an amazing dad and we will be great parents and a great family together. 

As we have 8 weeks left, I do feel myself drastically slowing down though.  I am 100% exhausted after being at work all day and its hard to find my energy to workout now.  I know thats par for the course now and I am okay with that.  What I am NOT okay with is the fact that little Ryan has decided to move BACK under my ribs and they are so sore all day/every day.  They are so sore that it hurts to touch my ribs and hard to breathe.  Oh my little man, quit being a pain in your momma's side this early on in our life together!

Russ and I have some exciting events coming up in the next few weekends and I can't wait!

  1. Maternity photo shoot this Saturday
  2. Going home for Thanksgiving for a WHOLE WEEK from 11/23 - 11/30
  3. Baby Shower while home
  4. Baby class at the hospital on 12/7
I am like a giddy kid eager to see how Russell handles the class and then our actual delivery.  He won't let me talk about it alot as he finds it all kinda gross...ahahhaa.  Men have it so easy and yet, they can barely handle it!

Here is to another week down and only a few more left!  Have a great weekend,


Survey says...
Written Thursday, Nov. 14

How far along?: 31 weeks and 6 days

Total weight gain/loss: Up 1.8, now totaling 26.5…woof.

Maternity clothes?: 97% of time.  Only things I manage to still squeeze into that are non-maternity are a few tank tops or cardigans.

Sleep: Honestly, pretty good.  I have gotten used to getting up to pee multiple times.  But done are the days of me sleeping in.  Every weekend I am surprising myself on how early I am waking.

Best moment of the week:  Getting more of Ryan’s nursery décor in the mail.  We are ALMOST finished.

Movement: TONS.  Little squirt moves like a crazy man, and the jabs are definitely getting stronger and some are even painful.  He moved away from my ribs for a few weeks but apparently he loves that spot and has moved back.  So mama = in more pain.

Food Cravings: Sautéed spinach (which definitely isn’t a bad thing).  Still have a sweet tooth but I am trying hard to keep that under control

Gender: Crazy man

Belly Button: Flattie

Stretchmarks?:  Still not seeing any.  Fingers are still crossed.

What I miss:  Not much.  Although for over a month now I am constantly congested and now for the past week I have had a nosebleed every night.   I read that it is normal but I am still gonna ask the doc on Monday when I go back.  Oh and another thing I miss…my boobs not leaking (I know, TMI) BUT seriously????

What I am looking forward to: Normal pre-maternity clothes, maternity photo shoot this weekend, and heading home to see family and friends for a WHOLE WEEK on the 23rd!

Weekly Wisdom: Ryan is the size of a pineapple and is going through major brain and nerve development so he can be a smarty pants!

Milestones: 8 weeks left now!


             Friday- Rest

Saturday-1 hr treadmill cardio.  Hill intervals.

Sunday- 15 min. dog  walk + Pure Barre DVD

Monday- Rest

Tuesday- 1 hr treadmill cardio.  Hill intervals.

Wednesday- Rest day.  I needed it bad.  Absolutely exhausted.

Thursday-  30 min VERY STEEP incline interval + Pure Barre DVD