Survey Says: 30 weeks preggers AND EXHAUSTED

Friday, November 8, 2013

Hi folks! 

I know I am a day overdue on the post but work has been busy and this lil mamma has been exhausted.  The extreme exhaustion has set in for these last 9 weeks (yes!  I can't believe we are in a single digit countdown!).  When I get home in the evenings it is everything I can do to just put some shoes on and workout so my workouts haven't been as frequent and have hit the every other day schedule. 

My body is getting sore and tired after each workout now and it needs a day of rest in between.  Shoot by 6 PM I just want to sleep.  Oh and I can't see my toes, see my legs when I shave (if I even shave, ha!), and grunt like a ole man every time I get up and down from a seat.  Yep, its that time in my pregnancy. 

I have a long weekend starting today thanks to being off Monday for Veterans Day and I need it!  I hope everyone has a great week next week!

XOXO, Sherri

Survey says...

30 weeks and Buddy wanted to get in the shot
Written Thursday, Nov. 7

How far along?: 30 weeks and 6 days

Total weight gain/loss: Since I didn’t have a “gain” last week of course I am up 2.5 this week (well I am sure the Halloween candy helped)  I allowed myself PLENTY of treats this past week annnnd it showed.  Sorry I am not sorry.  Total = 24.7

Maternity clothes?:  Of course.  Even my t-shirts are a joke.  I am gonna start stealing Russell’s for when I lounge around and work out.

Sleep: Hit and miss.  I am going through a ton of hot spells lately so its hard to keep me regulated.

Best moment of the week: Ryan has been a major flipper lately and Russell got to feel some strong moves from him. 

Movement: See above.  I think my son is already trying to shove his way out of there.

Food Cravings: MILK!  Oh, and chocolate.  I think Halloween opened up a whole new can of worms on my sweets craving.  Ugh.

Gender:  b.o.y

Belly Button: Still flat

Stretchmarks?:  Not yet.  I think it was just a shadow last week, cuz momma doesn’t see it this week. (Annd, I have been looking realllly hard)

What I miss:  Not having to pee every 2 seconds.  Part of Ryan is so low that every time I stand up or walk around I swear he has one leg out the door down there.  We went to the store this weekend and I had to go to the bathroom 5 times (no lie).  Russell was a little frustrated.  And because he is low, my waddle has started.

What I am looking forward to: Maternity photos on 11/16 and going home in 3 weeks for a whole week!

Weekly Wisdom: Baby Ryan is the size of a cucumber (In length at least) because he is plumping on up and is anywhere from 2.5 – 3.8lbs in weight.  Grow baby grow!

Milestones: We are down to a single digit COUNTDOWN!  Now only 9 weeks to go.


             Friday- Rest

Saturday-1 hr treadmill cardio.  Hill intervals.

Sunday- Rest

Monday- 1hr. pure barre and 30min. walking

Tuesday- Rest  

Wednesday- 1 hr. cardio (hill intervals)

Thursday-  Rest