Survey Says: 29 weeks preggers

Friday, November 1, 2013

Okay, so I know I am a day late but I usually post these while at work and I have been SLAMMED all week.  Then, my abundance (ha! who am I kidding) lack of sleep does not allow me to get on a computer in the evenings...I just want to crash.

Russ and I got a great start on our nursery this past weekend and only need a few minor things to finish....Well aside from the bedding.


Survey says...
Written Thursday, Oct. 31

How far along?: 29 weeks and 6 days

Total weight gain/loss:  Up only .2lbs making me breathe a little easier knowing I am not rapidly gaining weight like a ball rapidly gains speed downhill.  Up only 22.2 with now only 10 weeks to go.

Maternity clothes?: Ummmm yes. 95% and the random 5% non maternity makes me look ridiculous (so I wear that in the house to sleep)

Sleep: Hit and miss.  Those days of great sleep are numbered.

Best moment of the week: Nothing too special for the week.  Just a  normal week.

Movement:  Sooo much!  He is a crazy man!

Food Cravings: Milk

Gender: Little man

Belly Button: Flattie.  I was thinking it was going to poke out soon but now I think it just may stay flat the whole time. 

Stretchmarks?:  I thought I saw a little forming but didn’t know if it was a shadow or something… look, it was like 6 AM and I was tired when I glanced.  Don’t judge me.

What I miss:  Having more clothing options.

What I am looking forward to: Three weeks until we head home to see family for Thanksgiving and 2 weeks away from our maternity photo shoot.

Weekly Wisdom: Baby Ryan is the size of an acorn squash and is chunking out.

Milestones: Now I am 10 weeks away!!


             Friday- Rest

Saturday-1 hr treadmill cardio.  Hill intervals.

Sunday- 15 min. dog  walk + Pure Barre DVD + 15 minute treadmill fast walk

Monday- Rest

Tuesday- 1 hr treadmill cardio.  Hill intervals.

Wednesday- Rest day.  I needed it bad.

Thursday-  30 min inclinewalk + light weights working (arm, shoulder, legs, booty)