Survey Says: 27 weeks preggers

Thursday, October 17, 2013

This is it folks!  The time I have been waiting for.... As of tomorrow (Friday 10/18) I am in the THIRD and FINAL trimester!  Woohoo!  I am so excited I can barely stand it.  To think that I am just 12 weeks shy (if not sooner) of holding my baby boy!  I hate to wish my pregnancy away but it is so hard not to when you are so close.

This past week was an interesting week for me:
  1. My heart burn stepped up a notch.  And I mean a painful "I am always on fire" notch.  They say if you have a lot of heartburn, then your baby will have a head full of hair.  Man I hope so!
  2. I need a walker...or at least a masuess to follow me 24/7.  This week my back pain (mostly upper back/rib cage) decided to rear its ugly head.  I am feeling it everyday and it likes to start early in the evening and not let up until I fall asleep.  Sitting up doesn't help and laying down doesn't help.  No. use.
  3. Sleep.. what is that?  I may dose off but there is no quality to it.  Oh and I need to buy stock in toilet paper...seriously peeing non stop.  Welcome to the 3rd trimester.

As you can see from the above, the uncomfortable parts of baby brewing has started.  I am optimistic though, especially knowing I am very close to all of that being over.

Russ and I still have no big plans in the coming weekends...just relaxing and tackling 1 nursery project at a time each weekend.  I do have my maternity photo shoot set for 11/2 and can't wait to see the end result!

Do have 1 quick question though... do you think it is REALLY beneficial to take a pregnancy class (for labor/delivery, etc)?  Still contemplating if that is gonna make a huge difference.

Everyone have a great weekend!

Survey says...
Written Thursday, Oct. 17

How far along?: 27 weeks and 6 days

Total weight gain/loss: Hit a 2lb gain this week which puts me at the big 20.  I am starting to swell a lot in my feet by the end of the day so I know I am starting to retain some water. I just need to chug even more water now to make up for it.  (Yay for more pee breaks…not!)

Maternity clothes?:  Pretty much all in.  The only thing non-preggo are my cardigans or jackets as I just leave them open instead of spending OUTRAGEOUS money on preggo cardi’s or jackets.

Sleep: Not too much.  I sleep but there is no quality to it.  I blame it on the night heartburn, really bad back aches, and potty breaks.  I definitely can tell this is the third trimester now. 

Best moment of the week:  Having Monday off!  Momma needed a nice 3-day relaxing weekend…and it was.

Movement: His movements are definitely coming in cycles now as he is on a sleep cycle in my tummy.  I notice him more in the evenings but then again, I am so busy at work during the day, he may be moving lots and I just haven’t noticed as much.

Food Cravings: Milk and PB & J’s.  I did make some homemade Lara Bars (healthy fruit and nut bars) this weekend and they were delicious.  Now I want one at least once a day. 

Gender: Little King

Belly Button: Flattie

Stretchmarks?:  Not yet.

What I miss:  Last week was crazy busy at work and it made me miss my wine. 

What I am looking forward to: Tomorrow I will be 28wks and in my LAST trimester.  12 more weeks until I can meet my little man!!!

Weekly Wisdom:  Pregnancy Brain is a REAL thing.  And it happens to me EVERY DAY.

Milestones:  Ryan is the size of a rutabaga!  He is practicing his breathing and his brain activity is developing.  We’re in the home stretch!

             Friday- Rest

Saturday- Rest

Sunday- 1 hr. small hill walk (3.5mph, 3% incline)

Monday- 15 min. dog  walk + Pure Barre DVD

Tuesday- 1 hr. small hill walk (3.5mph, 3% incline)

Wednesday- 15 min. dog  walk + Pure Barre DVD + 15 more min. on treadmill

Thursday-  1 hr. small hill walk (3.5mph, 3% incline)