Turning over a new leaf

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I decided to do a post on something non-baby for all you readers just to spice things up a bit.  Don't worry, I will be back at my weekly bump post tomorrow but had a little down time today and decided to do a post.

Now that the Fall weather is creeping around the corner (which I am LOVING by the way), I started thinking of a list of things I want to try and change in my day to day routine.  So, here goes nothing!

1.  RELAX!  Since becoming pregnant, I feel like my mind has been going a mile a minute creating the "never ending list of everything I need to get done before Ryan gets here."  Over the last week I could tell I have been getting much more exhausted and so I thought, "why not try and give myself a 20-minute siesta every day?"  My daily goal is to relax (whether by napping or just sitting) for 20-minutes and actually enjoy it.  And yes, I do plan on keeping this up when baby is here. (napping when baby naps sounds p-r-etty good to me).

2.  READ MORE!  I used to be a big reader a while back, then reality tv happened and I became sucked into the ridiculous drama on tv and forgot what a book looked like.  I. Need. To. Get. My. Life. Back.  My new goal is to read most nights (even if only for 10-minutes) of the week before bed.  Obviously reading helps your memory, vocabulary, etc...and I DEFINITELY need that right now (preggo brain at its worst right over here!)  My first new read will be "Dad is fat" by comedian Jim Gaffigan. (Who said my reading needed to be serious!?) 

3.  GET MORE ZZZZ's!  Because of the fact that I am a reality tv addict (mentioned above) I stay up way too late to get entranced in some new show and it seriously cuts into my precious zzzz's.  I am not a great morning person and I am the type that requires 8 SOLID hours of sleep (I can admit this, and yes, I am in SERIOUS trouble when the baby comes).  I have found myself getting to sleep later and later every night to watch something on tv...so, solution??? = putting the book down (since that is a new goal) or cutting the tv off at a set time EVERY NIGHT, no matter what at a certain set hour, to ensure my 8-hrs are being met and I wake up not ready to kill the world.

4.  EAT MORE VEGGIES! So this pregnancy has left me with a MAJOR sweet tooth.  To compensate for it I have been eating TONS of fruit (which is good for ya) and some not so good for me treats (ice cream, chocolate, etc...).  While I have been eating my veggies at night with dinner, I used eat it with lunch or snacks.  Hence, the new goal!  I have to kick this sweet tooth (sugar overload) craving to the curb and shove some good ole veggies down me for little Ryan like I used to.  Don't worry, I do believe in "treating yourself" and will do so but in a more moderate manner.

5.  GET A GRIP ON MY TYPE-A!  For those of you who know me, I am Type-A.  I mean, seriously Type-A.  I over think EVERYTHING, I have to plan every piece of my life out and even feel like I have to plan my weekends.  Russell will tell you, I seriously don't know how to "fly by the seat of my pants."  From the above, I also feel like I need to be in control.  Granted, Russell and I have managed a very happy marriage around my craziness (he's the yin to my yang) and he is so polar opposite of me that it works.  But poor baby Ryan!  I really want to learn to be more chill like Russell, and just go with the flow.  If not, I have a feeling it will be a rough transition for me with the baby.  Obviously, I will learn quick that with a baby, nothing will go as planned sometimes and I want to me a-okay/used to that before he comes.  Solution= don't have one yet but I can tell it involves no planning :)

So, do you have any new "leaf" you are planning on turning over anytime soon?

XOXO, Sherri