Survey Says: 21 weeks preggers

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Another one down for the books folks!  Ahhh!  I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it (que music).

Had an excellent week this week thanks in LARGE part to our ah-mazing Notre Dame trip.  Russell and his dad were like 2 kids in a candy store and I absolutely enjoyed getting to see the campus, getting Ryan some baby gear, and watching Notre Dame STOMP the Temple Owls. duh!

I mean how amazing was this weekend:

1.  Tour Notre Dame Campus
2.  By Ryan AWESOME baby gear
3.  Attend Pep Rally
4.  Catching the players march to the field and get great close up shots (while the guys walked alllll the way back to the car because they forgot the tickets...yes, this happened)
5.  And watching a WIN for good ole Notre Dame

Why yes, this does sound like an excellent weekend.

Here is my recap of the weekend in pics:

2 Kids in a Candy Store
Baby Ryan's "Fightin Irish Rookie" Onesie

Russ at the practice field

Game Time!

Right before the game started....the rain juuuust stopped

Right before the guys realized the left the tickets in the
I stayed behind and got to catch the players march to the
stadium! Lucky me :)

Now on to the survey:

Written Thursday, Sept. 5
How far along?: 21 weeks and 6 days

Total weight gain/loss: With the trip to Notre Dame we had this long Labor Day weekend, I totally forgot to weigh myself.  But I did overindulge (as anyone should on vacay) so maybe I don’t want to see the scale…  I will try back next week and cringe.

Maternity clothes?:   Still yes and no. 

Sleep: I have been having very nice deep sleeps, I could just use a few more hours of it.

Best moment of the week:  Getting all of Ryan’s nursery furniture.  Target had a HUGE Labor Day sale and thanks to a wonderful gift from Russell’s mom and dad, we were able to get my crib, dresser, rocker, and mattress.  Now we just have to put it all together…

Movement:  Ryan is a kicking fool!  He is moving constantly!

Food Cravings: Tuesday and Wednesday I was craving a flavorful salad and soup.  Other than that, no crazy cravings.

Gender: little dude

Belly Button: Still in

Stretchmarks?:  Nope

What I miss:  A glass of wine here and there but I am enjoying the fact that I will see my baby boy in just 4 months.

What I am looking forward to: Another short week next week since we are flying to OBX on 9/11 for a long weekend to celebrate Russell’s friend getting married.

Weekly Wisdom: Baby is the size of a pomegranate.  Little Ryan has eyelashes and eyebrows and if he is going to have a head full of hair when he is born, that is starting to show too J  I am hoping for a head full of hair!

Milestones:  Finally being recognized by strangers as being pregnant! 

Have a great weekend!
XOXOX, Sherri