16 weeks preggers and IT'S A BOY!

Friday, August 2, 2013

It was a great but week in the Schwartz household!  We finally got the terrific news that I have a baby BOY in my belly! 

On another note my placenta decided to be a party pooper and the doc is watching me p-retty closely.  Basically, my placenta is not exactly in the right spot and is too close to my cervix...meaning if it stays there Ryan will have no way to come out except c-section and I could develop bleeding early which result in a possible earlier than expected delivery if it can't be stopped.  If the bleeding does stop then I would be on bed rest until 37 weeks before they go ahead and get Ryan out before my body tried to naturally deliver him.

Good news is that my placenta (such a creepy word) DOES have a good chance of moving to a better position during my continued week to week growth...BUT until then, I am on "pelvic rest" (no exercise, no lifting, no straining, no crazy stretch or reaching, and no husband/wife activity) until this fixes itself.  Please keep your fingers crossed that this does fix itself becuase when I go back to the doc in 4 weeks to check, I would LOVE to be told I can go back to exercising and not sitting on my butt. 

I am not even going to focus on the "bad" if this doesn't fix itself until we get to that point in another month or so when we know for sure it is there to stay.

Survey says...
Written Thursday, Aug. 1

How far along?: 16 weeks and 6 days

Total weight gain/loss:  Up another LB.  Totaling at about 4 LB gain in the last 16 weeks.  But with this whole "pelvic rest" and no exercise allowed thing you should start to see the numbers go up now :(

Maternity clothes?:   Mostly no.  Still fitting in my flowy dresses and using the belly band.

Sleep:  I was so excited for the first few days of the week leading up to my appt on Monday that I didn’t get much sleep.  Now I am sleeping like a baby trying to catch up.

Best moment of the week: Getting an EARLY surprise to find out we are having a BOY!!  The doc was not expecting to be able to get a clear look until my 20 week appt but my little boy had his legs wide open demanding we know he was a BOY!  I screamed it out as soon as I saw it, it was clear as day and then started crying with excitement.  I have never seen Russell smiling as big as he did when he realized it was a boy.

Movement: Any time now J

Food Cravings:  No real cravings this week except wanting to drink lots of milk and OJ.

Gender: We have a very active baby BOY!  I can’t wait to hold Ryan Perry Schwartz!

 Belly Button: Still hanging in there.

Stretchmarks?:  No but my skin is getting itchy.

What I miss:  Getting great workouts in where I am exhausted!  The doctor noticed I have a low-lying placenta right now so they are watching me closely.  I go back in 4 weeks to see if the placenta has started moving up to where it should be.  I am now on “pelvic rest” and told to “take it easy” simply meaning very light activity and no heavy lifting, straining, or anything that might make me contract.  If the placenta has moved up in the next 4 weeks then we are in the clear and I am off “rest” but if not, they will continue to have me on “pelvic rest” and watch it.  If my 28 weeks the placenta is still too low then the doc will go ahead and make the call that baby Ryan will be scheduled C-section a few weeks earlier than his due date.  Probably around 37 weeks to make sure I do not go into labor naturally.  Way to go placenta…ruin everything!

What I am looking forward to: Crossing fingers and praying that my placenta moves right on up.  I am ready to hear good news in 4 more weeks and get off this “pelvic rest” and start feeling like I can walk and do light weights without worrying!

Weekly Wisdom:  Little babe is the size of an avocado.  There is no hair on that tiny head yet but the hair pattern is starting to form and he/she is becoming more coordinated with their movements.  Oh and Baby Ryan realllllly loves to suck his thumb already.  He had his hand in his mouth the entire ultrasound and was already an overachiever by trying to suck both thumbs at the same time.

Milestones: Finally found our baby’s gender out

Baby Ryan already showing me he is a thumb sucker!