Survey Says: 14 weeks preggers

Thursday, July 18, 2013

This week was a rough one for me.  There was sooo much stretching and cramping going on in this petite body that I did, for a moment, question if my baby was going to be HUGE.  I find it fascinating the changes a woman's body goes through during a pregnancy and am a little freaked out yet excited to see my changes as they come over the next 5 1/2 more months.

Also, I need your help.  Russell and I start the daycare hunt in the next few weeks.  What are awesome questions I must not forget to ask?!

Survey says...

Written Thursday, July 18th

How far along?: 14 weeks and 6 days

Total weight gain/loss: I am up only .2 lbs…which means my walking and light weights are helping counteract my not so healthy eating habits.  Look by all means, I am not afraid to pack on the pregnancy lbs but I want to do it at a normal rate and maintain some level of activity for a possibly easier rebound/recovery.

Maternity clothes?:   My work clothes are almost non-wearable at this point but I am still holding out.  I did by 2 maternity dresses I could wear to work that are less structured than my other non-belly dresses.  My weekend clothes are still okay however….lots of loose t-shirts and tanks so I can wear my belly band around my non button or zipable shorts.

Sleep: Better than last week which makes me one happy momma.

Best moment of the week:  Taking a record breaking 3 ½ hour nap this weekend.  Never have I ever napped that long and it was GLORIOUS.

 Movement: Not yet.

Food Cravings: BLT’s and my squash recipe I make.  Squash and BLT’s have been my lunch all week long.  STILL find the idea of eating at Bonefish disgusting and can’t stand the smell of meat cooking…which means I don’t end up really eating a lot of meat still.

Gender: I had a beautiful dream that I was nursing a baby girl.  And she was breathtaking.  Now we shall see if that is true on my 20wk appt.

Belly Button: Still in.

Stretchmarks?:  Nope.  My plan is working!  But my belly has been itching with all the stretching lately…someone told me not to scratch bc it would create stretch marks…is this true?  Or is that just a myth?

What I miss:  I had a craving this week for country ham and got sad because I realized I couldn’t have it because it was on my no no list from the doctor for:  Don’t eat deli meat

What I am looking forward to: Can I please fast forward the next 5 ½ weeks so I know if it’s a boy or girl!?!   I will be happy either way but reallllllly want to know already to buy some stuff

Weekly Wisdom:   Little babe is the size of a lemon and already learning to suck his/her thumb and wiggle their little itty bitty toes. 

Milestones: Regaining some energy back to fit in more walks and light weight training… oh and officially buying my first items in maternity clothing.

XOXOX, Sherri