We have a breaking news annoucement ....

Friday, June 21, 2013

We have an important family annoucement to make !!!
He is still adjusting to the news
That is right folks!  It has been burning inside of me to be able to finally tell you all the good news.  Hence why I have been pretty vague and infrequent with my posts as that is all I have wanted to share and I had to wait 11 weeks to do so.  I am 11 weeks TODAY and finally wrapping up our 1st trimester.  Baby Schwartz is fantastic with a rapid heartbeat and has already decided early on his/her goal is to be a gymnast.  Baby Schwartz's favorite position in my belly is standing on its head and kicking its little feet like CRAZY.  Too little for me to feel yet but I am in some serious trouble in the coming weeks. 
You are seriously going to kick my ribs when you get bigger

As for me, I am feeling much better than I did but these hormones have me breaking out like a little tweeny bopper Justin Bieber fan.  Shew!  Now that the news is out I am dedicating this blog to capturing every moment of this pregnancy for you to see with me.  Just a way to keep our family and friends close although we are so far away :(  I have been keeping up with pregnancy surveys since I was 4 weeks (when I found out) and the next few posts will be my catch-up's from those weeks.

Every Thursday (the last day of my pregger week) I will post how I have been doing each week with of course...some bump or not so bump yet pics!  Bump pictures won't start showing up until my 6 week post.  Don't get too excited, not much there just yet!

Stay tuned for weeks 4-10 that I will be posting tonight and tomorrow :)

XOXOX, Sherri