I'm a big kid now

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The last 2 weekends have continued to be the typical crazy in the Schwartz household.  The last of our visitors came into town both weekends and then I celebrated my big 2-6.  Dad Edwards came into town 2 weeks ago and I was so excited to see him since it had been over 6 months since getting together.  The weekend was great.  We went to Graceland, went on Beale Street, the Peabody Hotel, and ate at a great BBQ joint.  It ended up being a perfect weekend and hard to see him off at the airport. 

Then last weekend Russell's Mom and aunt Donna came into town and we got to celebrate my birthday.  Since Eleanor (Russell's Mom) knew the area pretty well from her previous visits, she showed Donna around while Russell and I were at work...which was GREAT because I was getting touristy out.

For the big 2-6 birthday we all celebrated at my FAVORITE Thai food restaurant and ate and endless amount of icecream cake which I had to walk off for a long time on the treadmill the very next day as I was watching the Miss USA pageant.  Note to self....always skip the bathing suit portion of the competition if you have just recently indulged in too many sweet treats.

B-day Dinner with my hubby

For the upcoming weekends:  I have nothing.  Russ and I get a little break to catch up on 1 on 1 time, throw in a few hubby/wife dates, and much more sleep. 

I do have some great news coming up in the next few weeks so if you want to know it....THEN KEEP CHECKING BACK :)

xoxoxox, Sherri