Doing some serious catching up.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hi frans!

Yes, I know...I am so far behind on my posts that it isn't even funny.  But I promise to get back on track.  Since our last chat up here 5/14 I have had numerous visitors, celebrated our 1st anniversary, celebrated Russell's big 28th bday and tried to squeeze in some relaxing time.

After Joe came to visit around 5/11 the next weekend 2 of my closest friends, Heath and Kendall, came to visit and help us celebrate our anniversary!  It was a jammmmmm packed weekend and the Memphis heat was sweltering.  We did manage to do BBQ fest, the Memphis Zoo, and Heath and Kendall took us to Texas de Brazil for the "meat sweats" for our anniversary.  Check our lovely photos out below!  All four of us got a reality check on just how hot Memphis can get and we are in for a looong summer.  I didn't think the humidity could get worse than VA Beach and boy was I wrong.  It is a waste of time for a woman to try to look cute in this summer weather here because T-Minus 3 seconds after you leave your house your makeup melts off, you get the nastiest sweat going on in uncomfortable places (if you catch my drift), and all you want is to jump in the water (but the heck if I am jumping in the muddy Mississippi!).

This is what the meat sweats look like (above)

After their nice visit Russell's dad popped in for Memorial Day Weekend and then finally last weekend we got a nice break to relax, not clean, and be veggies on the couch.  We looooved having so many visitors in May but a girl's gotta have a weekend to lay on the couch and do absolutely nothing once and a while :)

This weekend we are back to a few weekends of visitors.  My dad comes into town tomorrow for a weekend trip and it is his first visit so we are excited to catch up and spend some quality time with dad.  Then, the next weekend (MY BURFDAY) Russell's mom and aunt come into town to celebrate with us.

Until next week!
XOXO, Sherri