(Catch Up) Survey Says: 9wk preggers

Sunday, June 23, 2013

(CATCH-UP) Survey says...

Written Thursday, June 13th

How far along?: 9 weeks and 6 days

Total weight gain/loss: Varying between 2-3 lbs.  Not too shabby!

Maternity clothes?:  I have been trying to hold out since I am still in the in-between stage.  Snug in my regular clothes and some of them are already a no-go but not big enough for maternity wear just yet.

Sleep: Still on and off but this week most have been great night’s of rest.

Best moment of the week: Getting consistent deep sleeps and starting to tolerate meat a little more.

Movement: still early.

Food Cravings: dill pickles still J  I asked for them as a side at a BBQ place this past weekend.  I. have. A. serious. Problem.

Gender: My hips and thighs are seeing the most gain so if the old wive’s tale is true then it would be a boy…but I don’t 100% trust that sooo, we will continue to wait and see J

Belly Button: Still in.

Stretchmarks?:  Nope.

What I miss: My skinny jeans….they are not cute anymore L

What I am looking forward to: We get to see our little baby again next week J  I am so excited!

Weekly Wisdom: The baby is the size of a grape J

Milestones: My dad came in town this past weekend and got to catch up with him and share this special time with him. He also came bearing gifts and gave us our first baby blanket, pacifiers, socks, a toy, and cute baby picture frame J

I see a little more "something" now.