(Catch Up) Survey Says: 6wk preggers

Sunday, June 23, 2013

(CATCH-UP) Survey says...

Written Monday, May 20th

How far along?: 6 weeks and 3 days

Total weight gain/loss: Scale said up 1.5 today but since I am so up and down lately I don’t know if it is there to stick.  I do feel like I should be carrying around a sign that says “wide load” because I am seeing some change in my hip/thigh.  I officially can picture my 9mo. Preggo self looking like a waddling oompa loompa.  I won’t be that cute preggo with all baby in front, nope…I can tell now.

Maternity clothes?:  Not yet but I am looking forward to when I can fit in it.  My normal clothes are getting a little more snug and I do not like picking out my outfits in the mornings anymore because its with every piece of clothing.

Sleep: Still the frequent potty breaks but sleeping wonderfully and drooling A LOT.

Best moment of the week: Our first appt!

Movement: Do gas/bloat bubbles still count?

Food Cravings: No more cheesy and now more salty.  Still working hard at eating as healthy as I can right now.

Gender: For some weird reason I think it’s a boy.

Belly Button: Still in.

Stretchmarks?:  Nope.

What I miss: Having a “hard” sweaty work out where I kick my butt.  Can’t afford to do that anymore but can’t wait until I can again post pregnancy.  I still work out 4-5/week but at a much different pace. 

What I am looking forward to: We have Russell’s dad coming in this weekend and its our first family visitor since we told our family about the pregnancy. 

Weekly Wisdom: The little nugget is the size of a sweet pea!

Milestones: Seeing our little sweat pea’s heart beat and our first baby picture J

Not a real belly, just a litle bloat and a memory to remind myself of what I need to get back to.