G.I. Joe

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hi everyone.  I know, I know…I haven’t posted since May 1 but things have been SO busy in our household that it kinda slipped right on past.

This past weekend Russell’s best friend Joe came to visit.  Joe and Russell have been BFFs since pre-school and pretty much tied to each other since.  Joe enlisted in the Army a few years back and just 2 weeks before our wedding, he had to deploy for 1 year to South Korea.  It was hard to see him go and not be able to stand as one of our groomsman but he was there in spirit J

Joe FINALLY just got back into the states and on his last pit stop before settling into being stationed in El Paso, TX he came to visit us in our new TN home.  The weekend was filled with many late night laughs, thinking we were going to be mugged/die late night in downtown (because my husband doesn’t listen to me), and good ole food and base ball games.  It was like Joe hadn't been gone a year at all.  It was nice to have great weather (for a change) and just have a relaxing weekend with friends.
No one wanted to see Joe leave but we can’t wait to have him back soon!

On another note, on Friday 2 of my closest friends stop by for a visit to Memphis!  Heath and Kendall will be here for a weekend of catching up and BBQ Fest!  There will be way too many pics taken this weekend and I can’t wait to share them with you.

There are so many exciting things going on in our lives right now I can’t stand it J and hard to believe our 1 year anniversary is this weekend.  Next weekend Dad Schwartz visits and 2 weeks later my Dad visits.  Did I mention we love having guests?!?
Stay tuned for a follow up on my crazy weekend with my 2 friends as we take on Memphis :) and  celebrating our 1st anniversary.
XOXO, Sherri