Sunshine and Happiness!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hi everyone!

I hope all is well and everyone is looking forward to some warm weather in our near future (hopefully!).  By the end of the week we get to see temps in the 70's and start experiencing this Memphis culture.  This weekend the farmers market opens up and the first games of the Minor League Memphis Redbirds.  The Schwartz family will be participating in BOTH.

I have been so eager for the warmer temps so I can finally get out of hibernation.  As soon as we moved in before Thanksgiving it immediately got cold so we felt we couldn't really "experience" Memphis.  As soon as we got 1 warm day a few weeks ago, I ran out to my favorite little shop and had these made... BRING ON SPRING!

I probably jinxed myself as soon as these were made for me and then purchased because then for the next 2 weeks we had rain and clouds... No Bueno.

I was excited to stumble upon a blog called I Love Memphis and the writer has a calendar every  month of EVERYTHING you can think of going on in Memphis.  If you are thinking of coming and visiting PLEASE check this blog out and click the calendar tab to see what is going on :)

We finally got the see the sneak peeks of the rest of our pictures from our family photo session.  Once we pick the pictures out we want (by the end of the week) I can share them with everyone soon.  Lets just say Buddy is super photogenic.

I hope everyone has a grrrreat week/weekend ahead!

XOXOX, Sherri