I've just been pollen bombed...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Since our move to Memphis I have been taking quick mental notes on the comparison of VA Beach to Memphis.  Of course there is the obvious ocean and BBQ but I have discovered the 1st and foremost difference....its called being "pollen bombed."

Have you ever had that moment where you get out of your car in a beautiful 80 degree weather day, walk past a tree/bush/flower or whatever and IMMEDIATELY have to walk through a thick, voluptuous cloud of pollen?  THAT my friend is called being "pollen bombed."

In the last few days we have had hot and gorgeous weather and all of the greenery has been holding in so much pollen from our late Spring start that we are having bombings everywhere.  I thought VA Beach was bad and was always in red alert air quality but Memphis has them beat.  Parking lots look like pollen snow and cars are no longer the factory paint color T-minus 10 minutes after pulling out of your garage.  I have also heard that this is not even the worst of it...HA!

So, if you see a picture of me on Facebook or sent to you and you like my green or yellow dress/shirt, pants I am wearing...please keep in mind that they started out as the color black that morning before I had been "pollen bombed."

On other notes it does seem like the warm weather is here to stay and that = one happy wife :)  Farmers Markets, Crawfish Festivals, and Grizzlies in the playoffs mean there is tons to do and we can't wait.  Also adding to the list coming up in about a month is our 1-year Anniversary!  Can you believe it??? 

Until next time my friends!...I am gonna go make some pollen angels in the parking lot :)

XOXOX, Sherri