Our dog is like a 2-year old.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Hi everyone!  Sorry I didn't get to post on time.  Our mom Schwartz came and visited us from Wed. through today so I was away from the computer enjoying some family time.

I just need to mention REALLL quick how BADLY I am ready for Spring.  Back last weekend we had an A-maziing family photo session of Russell, myself, and our handsome pup in downtown Collierville in 75-degree weather.  It was so comfortable you didn't want to be inside.

Fast forward 7 days later and this past weekend was a cold and rainy hot mess!  I felt bad for my MIL to fly in and have to experience that!  But it was still nice to sit back with family and have some nice meals and nice wine :)  I was a happy happy girl.  Especially since I had JUST come off of a 3-day juice cleanse. (we.will.not.discuss)

So, I also wanted to show the CUTEST sneak peek from our family photo session :)  Check the budster out...hahah, he was very interesting in his first photo shoot.  Lets just say he is not a pet, he is a toddler.  It started out exciting...with a very happy and overly excited dog.  By the end of the session I had a dog that was giving us attitude (if you have met him, you know all about the eye rolling) and was hiding behind us to get away from the camera.  Overall though...to have these pictures of just the 3 of us before baby Schwartz's grace us is such an awesome memory to have.... I will have more to post within the week so stay tuned :)