Just call "Bitty"

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy hump day friends!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and 1st half of the week :)

We had a wonderful visitor (Dad Schwartz) come visit this past weekend.  So glad to have some family out our way for a few days.  Although it was cold and snowy the boys managed to squeeze in a round of golf one day while I bundled up inside.

One another note, we had a visitor on Saturday morning show up at our door... His name was "Bitty"....no, seriously it was.  And Bitty wanted to mow our lawn (in 30 degree weather) and pull our weeds.  I have never known ANYONE to be as demanding as Bitty was and he had a great marketing strategy.  See his strategy was to just show up in your yard with gloves and start pulling weeds before you even open the door.  Ya know, "free for the 1st 5min. work."  As we assured Bitty we didn't need those services in this outside condition, we did accept his marketing flyer.  I am pretty sure only in Memphis will someone promote a start-up business and actually request people to contact him and refer to him as "Bitty."  (See above pic).  It was very random and I did consider maybe learning self defense for future weirdness encounters when Russ isn't around.

But nothing beats, a few weeks back, Russell telling a man he found on Craigslist (we were consulting handymen for some help) that he was going out of town for a week but his wife would be home.  True story, and I thought I was going to be murdered that week.  Definitely wished I had bought a machete to keep under my bed. 

Memphis never ceases to amaze me and I am always insured that on the weekends, I will see something extraordinary.

To cap off the weekend we put some finishing touches to our living room with a new end table, coffee table, and matching lamps.  Yes folks, I get pretty darn excited about purchasing lamps now-a-days.  But, our little nest is almost complete.

Isn't it just so snug and cozy!

This weekend Russ and I have a HUGE task we will take on.  Now this task will require multiple weekends and lots of hair pulling and sure to bring on much happiness.  Russell and I take on the adventures of staining our 1/2 acre fence in our backyard....ohhh the joys of being domestic.

Stay tuned for next weeks post.  It will be about how we ended up not killing each other in the process!

Cheers :)