The award for the worst golfer is....ME!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weekly Catch-up:

Hi friends!  Another week has flown by and we are now one week CLOSER to warmer weather!  A part of me was hoping with this move, and it being TN, that I would be moving to a place that would have a possibly  warmer winter than VA.  Annnnd I was wrong.  It has been pretty identical if you ask me and I am no likey likey.

From dealing with a nasty tummy bug and Russell being on the road for work we were a wee bit determined to squeeze in at least some fun this weekend so we got to play a quick round of golf Sunday afternoon.  Check out the new Tiger Woods ya’ll:

Side note:  Yes I am working on my golf game and yes it needs much more practice and no, I am not yet ready to show you a picture of my golf swing.  I am contemplating switching it over to the good ole “Happy Gilmore swing” if I keep swinging followed by missing and then creating large craters in the ground on my 1st swing.

As the winter months quickly move on and the days are starting to keep longer, we are looking forward to some exciting things coming up in the next few days/weeks.

1.        Russell’s dad is visiting us this weekend!  Woohoo.  Last time Dad S. came to visit, we had a not-so-happy ending to our college football season.  (still depressed)

2.       Russell and I will have our first “family pictures” with our dog Buddy as hubby and wife in the Collierville downtown park on 3/16.  The last time we have a picture of the 3 of us was over 3 ½ years ago, the 1st Christmas we got the Budster….  Since he is our 1st son (yes he is…) we are taking advantage of a nice “professional” session.  (Future X-MAS card pic J)
Flashback: awww...we were all just lil young pups!

3.       At the end of March Russell’s Mom comes to visit for 5 days!  We are so happy to be having some family in our new stomping grounds to enjoy Memphis with.

Even more things adding to our summer calendar too but these are the soonest J  More on the others later. (Like Heath and Kendall visiting in May!) 
Have a great rest of the week/weekend everyone!  Until next time…