Bottom line: Carolina BBQ is better

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Welcome Frans!

I am happy to be able to share our journey as Memphians and Newlyweds with you :) 

So first thing is first.... Carolina style BBQ is WAYYYY better than Memphis style.  End. of. Story.
Sure sure, we will probably take you to a BBQ joint so you can experience it yourself, when you visit, but comparison.  It's like "hey, can I have some meat with that sauce!?"  No bueno. 

On another note, Memphis has been great.  WONDERFUL shopping and great opportunity for Russ and I career wise.  We are both happy to say we have EXCELLENT jobs and are extremely blessed with our job opportunities. 

Touring has also been F.U.N.  Graceland = check, Beale St. = check, Grizzlies game = check check.  We are taking it all in.  It's nice to have that excitment on the weekends.

Best time in Memphis so far?  Why it was rooting for Notre Dame in the BCS Championship game of course!  No, we will not discuss the outcome of that game or my depression that followed the next day, but we will celebrate being in the moment!

Even Dad Schwartz made it in for that game.  Were we gonna miss it??  Not. for. the. world.

Now that these winter months are quickly fading away Memphis is about to get HAUTE :)  From the Beale St. Music Fest, BBQ Fest, Sunset Symphony, Redbirds B-ball games, and me learning the game of golf (seriously) we have a jammmmm packed summer upon us. 

My goal with this blog is to keep our close friends and family involved in our lives so that it doesn't feel like we are so far a part.  I will be diligently trying to upload at least something once a week so ya better keep on checking up!