Friday Favorites | Non-stop Summer

Friday, June 24, 2016

Thanks to Katie and Heather for the link-up!

How are we only one week away from July? How is that even possible. Last I remembered, we went on vacation at the end of May, I blinked, and now here we are at the end of June. 

Time flies when you're having fun.... or are just insanely busy. 

1. Vacation Success

It was a hit and some! The weather worked in our favor, I scored some steals at the outlets, Ryan got to play his little heart out, and we were with our friends and family.

Our cottage was right beside an ice cream shop. #winning

Happiest kid on the block!


Can I just have a little bit of his awesomeness?

Chillaxin, relaxin all cool...

Are we bad parents since we let Ryan place Cards Against Humanity??

2. New Car

Packing for the trip, bringing our entire life and then some, made us realize we needed a bigger car. So, on the day we got back, momma got a newwww ride.

 3. #Likeaboss

Ryan had his first visit with the dentist. It went so well, he took his shoes off and made himself comfy.

4. Fernandina Beach, FL

Grandpop got married, so we hit the road again (this time in our new van) and drove on down to Florida.

Morning beach visit with Grandpop before he got hitched. #bachelorparty


While June has been full-steam ahead, so will the rest of the summer.  My mother-in-law is moving in with us so we are currently selling our house and buying a different house that offers up a bit more room and her own little section. We close on July 15, so there is lots of hustle and bustle around that right now. 

On top of the new move, we have multiple family visits squeezed into July, our jobs are insanely busy, and we have other news to share come August.


Have a great weekend!  We have a beach playdate with our friends and disappearing from our house so that some future buyers can peak in and hopefully buy it!


Friday Favorites | Toddler Survival Guide for Road Trips

Friday, May 20, 2016

Thanks to Katie and Heather for the link-up!

Today at 4:30pm, I get to put my out-of-office message on and kick back for over seven days and get some much needed R&R.  Sun, sand, beach, and outlet malls are calling my name.  

In order to get to our cottage we rented at OBX, we do have to endure a 4.5hr car ride with our toddler that is deep into the "terrible twos."  Granted, a 4.5hr ride is much more doable than when we lived in TN, and had 15hr rides... but if you are a mom or dad and have a toddler, even a 10 minute drive to the grocery store can seem too long.